FXD Boots

NEW -0FXD Wj-1 Work Jogger Launch Date Alert – Monday October 25.

FXD Boots are the keystone of the FXD workwear range. 

Let’s be honest, your feet are important – probably some of the most important limbs on your body. They help you walk, to boot a footy, and to kick your car tyre when you’re frustrated with the neighbours.

FXD Work Boots offer unrivalled protection for your feet in a supportive and stylish configuration. With too many features to list, including:

  • a breathable upper;
  • a lightweight composite safety toe
  • slip, oil and heat resistant rubber outsole; and
  • lightweight NITROLITE™ midsole cushioning
  • water resistant
  • purpose built technical work boots

The FXD Boot is the ideal companion on any outdoor adventure, on a construction site, or even, in the living room. 

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